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Well, it has been about a week since we came back from our run of shows down South. I have been meaning to do an entry for some time now, but in case you hadn't heard I have been sick sick sick. I am hacking up a lung as I am writing this. I am feeling better, but I am convinced that my meds are making me crazy. Actually, it's probably because I have been watching too much Columbo. I have seen the first three seasons in just the past week.

Let me say a few words about the shows. They were awesome. We played well and meet up with some old as well as new friends. We had to cancel our final show in Pittsfield, Mass. because I was sick. I hated to do it, but I knew if I went one I would suck. People don't want to pay hard earned money to see me cough after every other word. Sorry Pittsfield, we will be back. That is if you will have us. Enough about the shows.

Ok so I forgot why I started writing this blog. Maybe my meds are making me loose my mind after all. Uh....I guess that is it.

Oh in serious news my friend Gen just had surgery and if you don't mind sending up a little prayer for her and her test results I would be ever so grateful. Is that how you spell grateful? Who knows....

Much love,


The Awful Waffle

The Awful Waffle
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This is the only spot we could find to get food after our show at the evening muse in Charlotte. I have become too used to getting food anytime in New York. But we were so hungry we didn't care. I had a triple order of hash browns, grits and coffee. Brett had hash browns and grits too. And Price just had to have himself an omlet and the last of Brett's grits. Don't ask where Warren was....


I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

So the past few days the boys and I have been in rehearsals for our run of shows over the next few weeks. I already miss New York. Don't get me wrong North Carolina is a great place and all, but it has been so long since I lived here I just feel a little out of place. And boy is it hard to be a Vegan around here. I even had a waitress asked me what that meant the other day. Really? C'mon.

In more upbeat news we have been working on some new songs and they sound great. We are talking about heading out to Cali early next year to lay down the ground work for a new cd. It might be summer or later before it sees the light of day, but we have new songs and they are GOOD!

Also with a lot of the down time I have been having I have been catching up on some 80's TV. Namely, the A-Team. And I have learned the formula for a hit 80's show.

1 You must have a helicopter in every show.
2 Machine Guns for all. It's the 80's Bigger is Better. No whimpy guns here.
3 Car Chases are a must.
4. Theme song must have cheesey guitar playing
5 Computers must have flashing lights and keyboards the size of a large dog.
6 One character on the show must be crazy. Bonus points if he goes by a strange name.

I am sure there is more, but I am tired and must get to bed. Oh, and today I also watched Breakfast at Tiffanys for the first time. I loved it.



So a few days ago I attended the re-launch party for Anti-Mag at Nurse Betties on the Lower East Side. Anti-Mag is a badass arts and style magazine based out of Brooklyn and I had the pleasure of sharing a cocktail or two with the creator of the magazine, Jo Ann. Instead of telling you what Anti-Mag thinks of us you can read it for yourself here:


And be sure to check out the other features too. I got to meet them the other night as well and they were some very talented people. We are very lucky to be featured along side of these really cool artist.

In other news we are gearing up for a short run of shows over the next couple of weeks. Check our myspace or website for show details.


Interview with YouIsAwesome

Interview With You Is Awesome
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Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jerllin from YouIsAwesome. It's a site dedicated to asking all the right questions. You know, the ones that are always at the end of the interview that you actually think are interesting and not just the same rehashed crap. Head over to YouIsAwesome and read my interview with her, and while you are there you can click over to their sister site(ILoveYourClothes) that is dedicated to personal style and see some photos from the interview and some questions they had as well.

In other news, I think the rain and wind and cold is gonna keep me locked inside today. That might not be a bad thing. I have a load of things I need to take care of for our upcoming shows on the East Coast. Also, be sure to check out our latest press release to find out how you can obtain a copy of our record(The Arc) at whatever price you are willing to pay. It's only for a limited time so be sure to act soon. You can find that here:


Have a great Tuesday and stay dry.



Decoy Music Loves Runaway Dorothy

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We are currently being featured on Decoy Music's website as a 'Band That Needs To Be Heard'. I got the nicest email last week from Chris who is the editor there. Here is a little from the email he sent.

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Chris Conlan and I'm the Editor for the music webzine DecoyMusic (www.decoymusic.com). I recently stumbled across you guys and I don't know how to describe it, but than to say "so good". I wanted to email you and let you know I will be including you in my upcoming Music That Needs to Be Heard article.

I want you to know to keep up the good work. You guys have honestly made my day/week/month/year that much better. I've been searching for awhile now to find a band that is able to capture my ear and you did it. It's insane to think your the reason that sparked my desire to renew my article; I haven't written one in over 10 months.

What a great email. It made my day. So if you get a chance stop by Decoymusic.com and read the article about us. It has some of the most generous compliments we have ever received. And post a comment for Chris and the staff to keep up their good work for searching out music that is a little off the beaten path.

In other news I am co-writing an Album with my friend Gen Owen. It's gonna be something quite spectacular. Stay tuned for some sneak previews. Also went to some CMJ events this weekend. Not too impressed, but one band from Detroit I saw last night was tops.



This past Friday I did a call-in interview with the guys of The Awful Show in Denver. To listen to it head over to our Facebook page and check it out. And if you would sent Joel and Mike and the guys at The Awful Show a thank you for having me on. I had a blast. Those guys are a riot. Today my friend Lindsay Holler is in town doing a show at Arlene's. I am gonna try to sneak back in there to see her perform. I may have to wear a fake mustache or elvis sunglasses with sideburns though as I have been banned for life at Arlene's. No possibility of parole.

One more thing. Joel from The Awful Show used six of our songs in one of their programs a few months back. If you haven't checked it out I strongly encourage you to. It's great how he weaved in our songs with his story line. You can find that at Awful Snacks 56B.


Lyrics Contest

Lyrics Contest
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Hey all! Check this out. Our friends Kallie and Kassie over at TwilightSeriesTheories.com are putting on a Lyrics Contest and the winner receives a free copy of our CD 'The Arc'. If you aren't familiar with the Stephenie Myer book series you soon will be. There is a HUGE movie coming out in December. Kallie and Kassie run a weekly podcast that explores topics related to the book series, and we have been fortunate to be featured as musical guests on the show a couple times. In fact our song Abilene is on the show this week AND is featured on their homepage. So do yourself a favor and head over to their page and check out their podcast and get yourself caught up before the movie is released. Drop them an email and thank them for playing us. Oh, and get outside and enjoy some sunshine!


October 8

Wasn't it just yesterday that it was 90+ degrees here in NYC. And now I am looking for a new jacket on Ebay for the upcoming cold? Is anyone else addicted to Ebay as much as I am? Are there therapy sessions you can go to that I don't know about?

I love fall in New York City. I think I will probably plan every future tour that we do so that I can be in the city during this time. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler and people are starting to pull out those scarves they have had hidden away for the summer. It is so much easier to be fashionable this time of year. In winter everyone is so layered you have no idea what they are wearing and summer is quite the opposite. It's so hot you literally want to wear nothing. Thank goodness we have laws here against that! For some people that is.

Yesterday I went to lunch with my friend and marketing guru for runaway dorothy Jerllin. We ate at this cool little spot down near NYU that was really good, DOJO. I had never eaten there in all my years of living here. I highly recommend especially for their vegetarian choices and cheap prices. We discussed some cool little things we have planned for RD over the next few months. Namely we are allowing our CD to be purchased through digital download at a 'set your own' price. I like how radiohead did this with their album 'In Rainbows' and want to model ours in the same way. This should get under way quite soon and will run until we end our tour here in New York City on Dec 6.

We also talked about the two videos we have under way. We are shooting videos for our songs Abilene, and Takes a Lot of Love. These are top secret projects so I can't go into much, but you won't be disappointed I promise you that.

Finally, did anyone watch the debates last night? Was it just me or was anyone able to watch more than thirty minutes of it? I went out to an Irish bar down the in the east village called Lunasa to visit my friend Dominico who was bartending and I knew he would have the debates on. I thought it my civic duty to be interested in the state of our nation and watch them, but honestly after about 20 or so minutes of question dodging and run-around answers I could stomach no more. Was anyone else completely annoyed? When are we gonna get a strong Indie Canditate? I mean we have Indie rockers with no budgets that are every bit as good as major label bands. Doesn't it stand to reason we could have an Indie President? Just a thought....



We have been getting a lot of requests lately for the lyrics to the record so I thought I would post them here. Thanks for asking and enjoy.


Another year has come and gone
And I damn sure still feel alone
Oh my words come out all wrong
No chance you will take me home

All my friends I’ve misplaced
And I can’t find myself today
Fall asleep on the wrong train
After drinking all my thoughts away

Tomorrow will be the same
As today

Close the door and put up sheets
Block the light it offers no relief
Go to bed, but I can’t sleep
God some monster’s chasing me

Tomorrow will be the same
As today
Tomorrow will be the same
As today

Hate myself for growing old
For never doing as I’m told
Fall outside the night’s so cold
Gotta find some drinks to warm my soul

Tomorrow will be the same
As today
Tomorrow is the same
As today

With you

I shouldn’t fall in love with you
Cause love is just a fools game
The warm embrace
I long for so much
Will be gone in the morning
Just the same

We have waited our whole lives
For a song to ease our troubled minds
For words to say
What’s in our hearts
For a love that won’t fall apart

So tell me where did I go wrong
And we go right
Why the day light gets to you

Cause even if I wasted all
These precious lines
I’d still fall in love with you

I shouldn’t let you know
But I can’t keep it all inside
Don’t use my words
To bury my soul
In a field where flowers won’t grow

So tell me where did I go wrong
And we go right
Why the day light gets to you

Cause even if I wasted all
These precious lines
I’d still fall in love with you


Winter here has brought me down
Oh my love don’t make a sound
But she cries in the dark
When the world fall apart
Her thoughts are flowing down like paper rain

I’m a million miles from where you sleep tonight
If I hide my face until the morning light
Would you still be there
Deny your depair
Thought are flowing down like paper rain

Why’d you do this thing to me
Won’t you let my baby come home

It’s been 40 nights
and I’m still locked inside this place
won’t you let my baby come home

oh Abilene

Oh my love don’t make a sound
Dry your eyes come back around
I know that you’re scared
From the secrets you’ve shared
But don’t let the darkness there
Break you down

Why’d you do this thing to me
Won’t you let my baby come home

It’s been 40 nights
and I’m still locked inside this place
won’t you let my baby come home

oh Abilene

When summer comes I’ll feel just the same
You’ll pack your bags and quietly retreat again
And I’ll be own my own
Still trying to make this home
Think what you want Ill be running til the autumn comes

Why’d you do this thing to me
Won’t you let my baby come home

It’s been 40 nights
and I’m still locked inside this place
won’t you let my baby come home

oh Abilene

Katharine Song

Somewhere in the distance
I thought I heard her name
But nothing breathes and nothing moves
Since you went away

And all the bars and subway cars
They still reflect your face
City lights like diamonds
They keep dancing in their place

So tell me please
Tell me please
Where you sleep

Fly from me lovely
To your desert plain
A blue-eyed girl from texas
Starts to breathe again

And I’m up here on 9th street
Blowing with the wind
Walking around in circles
Til someplace pulls me in

All my thoughts are turning
And keeping me awake
Stare at my phone
But you wont call today

Drink myself happy
Til some girl makes me blue
The way she holds her cigarette
Reminds me of you

Takes a Lot of Love

I’m gone
And you’ve moved on
Still a lot of love left between us
Was never shown

I’m not far away
Ain’t never coming back
Still see you from where I’m standing
From the other side of the track

Takes a lot of love
To leave you alone

Faded pictures
On our bedroom walls
Show I lived we used to live
Before I was called

Now you share with another
Your hopes and your dreams
Guess I’m just a memory
Of a life you used to lead

Takes a lot of love
To leave you alone

I’m gone
And you’ve moved on
Just barely out the door
Now you’re lying in someones arms

I’d be there
But the Lord he called me home
Guess I’m finally learning
What I should have known

Takes a lot of love
To leave you alone


burn yourself out now
Cause me to live without
I so scared you will

Lay your body down
You have worn yourself out now
I’m there
Won’t make a sound

It’s enough to find
It’s enough to find
It’s enough to find
You there
Don’t let it be love

Wake me when you go
Just Just so I will know
You are still alive

It’s enough to find
It’s enough to find
It’s enough to find
You there
Don’t let it be love

It’s enough to find
Only love could find
you there
Don't let it be love

Too Young

Why’d you come to me
If you’d only leave
Oh my sweet
Blue-eyed dream

Words won’t say
All we mean
They cower in the way
Come in between

Too young to fall in love
Too young to fall in love
Too young to fall in love
With you

Walk with me
Through these street
Oh your face
In the winter breeze

Too young to fall in love
Too young to fall in love
Too young to fall in love
With you

Too young to fall in love
Too young to fall in love
Too young to fall in love
With you

Hard Way Home

Nestled ‘tween the pines
In the foothills of Caroline
There’s a place I once called home

Small dirt road still paves the drive
I used to play there when I was five
I can’t remember being so young

But I know the way home
Down the only road that I have ever
Really loved

And when I far from there
She calls on me just like a friend
Won’t leave me all alone
Til I found my way

Way out here in the country
Nobody even knows me
Everything stays the same

Listen close won’t hear a sound
Nothing moves for miles around
But I still hear it callin’ my name

But I know the way home
Down the only road that I have ever
Really loved

And when I far from there
She calls on me just like a friend
Won’t leave me

Even though my life has changed
I’ve grown up and moved away
There’s a voice that always calls me


You Say It’s over
If I’ll say
That we were just pretend
If that’s the way it must end

Then I’ll go
But you’ll stay
Alone now
We were so in love
Even if the world won’t end

It’s just another memory
Creeping in the back of my mind
And killing me
This time

You’ll say That the world is wrong
And I’ll say
It’ll never fall apart
Even if you break my heart

Nobody’s crying
This time there’s just no use
This is how it had to end

It’s just another memory
Creeping in the back of my mind
Spinning around for days
Dreaming of love it won’t find
I loved you
But love is gone

Nights Like These Here

Look into your eyes
I fill you full of lies
I know every word
You long to hear

Everybody knows
How it’s gonna go
Crawling from your sheets
By the morning light

But don’t fall in love
It’s not enough

But on nights like these here
I can’t resist
I fall into your arms once again

Nights like these here
I’m broken and I’m jaded
I fall into your arms once again
On nights like these here

This won’t be the first
Doubt if it’s the last
Time that you and I’ll
Stand face to face like this

Four of five drinks in
That’s when it all begins
Don’t wanna wake up
In the morning alone

But don’t fall in love
It’s not enough

But on nights like these here
I can’t resist
I fall into your arms once again

Nights like these here
I’m broken and I’m jaded
I fall into your arms once again
On nights like these here

Matter of Time

Sleep tonight
Underneath the stars
Let the world
Turn around you

Cause your soul it aches
But your body still takes
All the pain
That you’ve put it through

Sleep in the hallway
Lie on your back
I won’t disturb you
Til the morning is through
Now it’s only
A matter of time

When the day is done
And you need to go home
Find a place
Where you can be sure

In the life you lead
It is what you need
So find a place
And drift off to dream

Sleep in the hallway
Lie on your back
I won’t disturb you
Til the morning is through
Now it’s only
A matter of time


Sunday Sunday Sunday

Damn Sundays are rough. Why is it that the most holiest day of the week(i realize that was bad grammar, I just don't care) is always the most difficult and depressing? Or is it just me? Today I did not want to even think about music or record labels or finances or friends or loves or eating or haircuts or insurance or eye glasses or presidential races. In fact I did not want to think or rather should I say worry about anything. Oh, I forgot to add moving to my list off things to avoid thinking about on a Sunday. Well, that didn't work out so well. I thought about all these things today. It was like they waited beside my bed(I wish I had a bed) and all jumped on me the minute I woke up. Now, let me stop here and say that I have been in a rather upbeat mood these past few weeks. Wait. I think I will put some tea on. Maybe that will make me feel better. Ok it's on. Just remind me to go check on it in a minute or two. I always seem to forget and all the water just boils away. I am listening to Cat Power right now. I cannot listen to her without thinking about my friend Katharine. I say friend because we have recently started communicating again. We are bad communicators. At least with each other. By the way I am amazing myself with my typing skill right now. Who knew I could type this fast? Not me. 

I am gonna put a new paragraph here so incase you are still reading it doesn't look like one big rant. It's one big rant in multiple parts. So I feel winter coming. I know, I know it was just summer and today is just the first day of fall. How can I be thinking of winter? I can. It seems I am always thinking of winter. And truth be told I am not sure I can survive another winter where I am. Physically, and emotionally. I think I am letting you in too much. I am not usually like this. But today I really don't care. If you don't like me or my music or my band because you think I am a little off, that's ok. The truth is, I am a little off. Where was I? Who knows. Oh yeah...gotta check on the water. It was boiling. Tea is making. Lost my train of thought again. Maybe I should just talk about the tea. Nah. But I will say that I am drinking it out of my Starbucks from Beijing mug that my friend Emily gave me. Thanks Emily if you are reading.

I think this calls for a new paragraph. It's not that late right now, but I am thinking about turning in. That would be unheard of for me. I never sleep. Ok so that is a lie, but I don't go to be early. I hate it. I think we have addressed this earlier so I will not go into it here. I think it's time for a summary. Ok I have had it with today. I am off to bed(I wish I had a bed). Hope your Sunday was full of sun. 

Good night.


My Record Player

My Record Player
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So today has been a long day. Hell, these past few years have been just one long day to me. It seems like just yesterday I moved to New York and BAM!! I have been here two years. It's like it's been one nonstop promotional campaign. Write the record, record the record, press the record, rehearse the record, get label support, grow the fan base, get the buzz going, get blogging, don't forget to eat, sleep somewhere, loose friends, gain friends, loose them too, doubt yourself, doubt your songs, read lots of JD Salinger, go broke, get even broker, forget about personal life, you can forget about a personal life, wonder how it's all gonna go down, come home, get an email thanking you for writing a song that connects with at least one person...oh yeah that's why I still do it.


Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday To Me!
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So yesterday was my birthday. And I had an amazing day and I photographed the entire day, but today like a moron before I uploaded the photos I accidentally erased them. Oops!! But I can tell you what I did. Well, I started my day by getting up late. As you can see from the photo above I was out kinda late the night before. I had to ring in my Birthday right. I hate going to bed.

So I woke up for my birthday around 10:30 and went to a dance performance down near wall street with my brother. It was an outdoor performance and was really cool. I think they do that for all the working stiffs that can't get to traditional performances. I totally fell in love with one of the dancers. I admit it. I love dancers. Maybe she will read this and call me. Maybe.

After that we went back to Brooklyn to have lunch at Jimmys. Yes I know I am there all the time, but I love that place. John was working and I got an ice cream on a brownie dessert with a candle on top. I could not bare to tell him I was vegan. So when he wasn't looking I had my brother eat it. From what I hear, it was fantastic. Next we took the train down to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone. I think I am gonna make this a birthday tradition. This was the first time I actually rode it. I had a picture, but ...well...as I mentioned, I erased it. By the way, that ride is so janky.

From there we took the train back home to chill for a bit. Then I went to dinner at a Vegan Pan-Asian joint. Fantastic. I had heard some bad reviews of the joint and it had kept me away, but I was really good. After that I met up with a couple other friends, Gaia and Genifer, for some late night entertainment. NO! Not that kind of late night entertainment. We went to see a band play at Union Pool.

That about wraps it up for the day. I still could use some more presents though.



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More and more reviews keep coming in on the record. I have to say I am really pleased that a lot of people are getting what we are doing. It makes all the hard work worth it. Check this out:



Sunday Fun

Sunday Fun
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So today I went with my friend Gaia to PS1. It's a museum that is part of MOMA that is in Queens. It's in this old public school space and it's really cool. Most of the exhibits are very visual arts based. I don't know if that is the best way to describe them. Lots of documentaries and interactive pieces. I am standing outside across the street in front of a building that is covered in graffiti. There were some artist adding to while I was there.


Lazin' on a Friday Afternoon

So I have been spending the past few months waiting for all the rd things to get worked out(ie tour schedule, music licensing, label crap, and our documentary). I wish I had more answers right now about each of these, but I currently don't. So what have I been spending my time this past month doing. Well funny you should ask. I have actually been working with some other bands here in New York. There is a pretty big studio and rehearsal space in Mid-Town Manhattan and I have been working with a few bands to help them with their songwriting and working out parts for the band to play. Yes I am the new Butch Walker and Rick Rubin. I have to admit it has been fun writing in some new genres and working with styles of music I just don't delve into. I will let you know more about these bands as they get closer to recording and tracking some of these songs. 

This weekend I plan on staying in. I think the weather is gonna be bad. I am thinking I will track some video stuff to put up on youtube. I want to record a couple acoustic versions of 'Takes a lot of love' and 'Abilene'. Also, I have a new song to debut too.

And I think there is cause for going to Jimmy's tomorrow.


PBR Lunch

PBR Lunch
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So why is is that everytime I go the the Wachovia on 10th and Broadway someone has left something. I have found atm cards more than once, but yesterday i found a woman's purse. And not a small one mind you. I am still baffled how she left it, Atm card inside. She had to have used to the atm, returned her card to it's slot in her wallet and then just leave the purse on the table where you can make out your deposit slip. Weird huh.

Well in less than two hours with my team of crack detectives we were able to return the wallet to her. I left a message at the ATM letting her know I had it. that didn't work. She was in college so we assumed she had a Facebook acct. She did. We left her a message there. Nothing. Then I found where she went to school. Looked in the student directory and found an email for her. Sent her one. NADA! Finally the trump card came from my new friend Julie. She googled the address on the girl's license. BINGO! It came up a business. They had a website with a phone number. We called. Her dad called us back. He had his daughter call us. She met us and got her wallet back. I tell you it is scary how we found enough info on this girl to track her down. I almost feel a little dirty, but I know we had to do it to get her her wallet back.

In other news, still no word from my friend in LA. Guess that means our friendship has ended uselessly. I have now gone from being upset to just pissed. Being polite has once again not gone unpunished. I sure hope my returning that girl's wallet doesn't upset her too.

The pic is from the beer I was drinking while waiting to return the wallet. It was good!


New Song Lyrics

Bury me
in the sea
of make believe
where no one will find

out that i
am just a lie
told too many times
to everyone i know

it's hard to be the victim when you are causing all the pain
in a world of much and nothing
there's standing in the rain

and if you get the notion and you want to follow me
don't waste your time
i'll be just fine
on my own

every shade
of blue and grey
in a modern haze
surrounds you and me

I wake up
when you start to cry
for reasons why
no one seems to know

it's hard to be the victim when you are causing all the pain
in a world of much and nothing to do
there's standing in the rain

and if you get the notion and you want to follow me
don't waste your time
i'll be just fine
on my own

So Today....

Lunch at Kate
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...Is the first day of August. I was hoping it was would be off to a better start. Well, to be perfectly honest today started fairly well. I spent most of the day out pretending to be a tourist. That meant going uptown. Shhhh....Don't tell the hipsters I went about 14th street. I might loose my street cred. I spent a lot of time today looking for Summerfest. That is a concert/art series that runs here in New York in the summer. I have never been and today they had a brazilian dance thing going. Sounded like a load of good times to me. I finally found it after walking about 20 blocks out of my way. The line was WAY long and I decided to go the the MOMA instead. And it took me forever to get there. I always forget how many tourist are on 5th ave. It's like trying to part the red sea of mid-westerners(my apologies to my friends and family in the the mid west). To top it off, I always forget what street its on.

After MOMA I thought I would search out a Strarbucks. Actually, I started the search long before MOMA and I could not for the life of me find one. I mean downtown I can stand on one corner and throw a rock and hit three. But eventually I found one. Grande Ice Coffee please!

Next I decided to venture back and see about the dance thingy(hold on gotta turn the record over). Somehow I found my way back. It was nothing short of a miracle and the line was so long there had to be more people in line than in the show. No thanks! Downtown I went. I hopped a bus down to the village. For most of the ride it was just me and the driver. It was like i had a really big ugly limo.

After a few drinks out at a couple dt spots I came on home. Now to the bad news of the day. Turns out I have really upset a friend of mine I just met from LA. I don't care to go into details, but it was over a huge misunderstanding and now I don't think she wants to be friends any longer which really sucks cause she is super cool. Now I am just back at my place playing my new record i bought tonight. It's a real heartbreaker so it fits the evening. I hope things work out for us. I hate losing friends especially like this.

I almost don't want to mention, but in other news were we played on another radio show. You can check it out here if you like:

Episode 154

Gotta tell you. One of the reasons I love making music so much is that I get to meet cool people. And this is how I met my friend in LA. Though it seems like today I am having the opposite affect on people. I sure hope tomorrow is not the same as today...

btw The picture is from lunch at Kate's with my friend Jerllin. I am having Fries and the Unturkey Club. She had the same.


Ten of the best songs I am listening to:

Originally uploaded by runaway dorothy

So I found out today from Price that we made another Top Ten Blog. You can read about it here.

Ten of the Best Songs

In other news today I have to finish up a story for a magazine that is gonna feature us. I was supposed to do that last week. Opps!

I also started reading a new book today. The Artist's Way. I will let you know how it goes. It came recommended to me from my friend Tif. If it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me.


I don't sleep...

Originally uploaded by runaway dorothy

This is my view from my seat at my favorite little eating spot in all of New York. It's Jimmy's Diner of course, but to be honest it has nothing to do with my post.

I hate sleeping. Well, i guess that is a lie. I hate going to sleep. Like for instance right now. I am tired. It's late, but the thought of sleeping right now just makes me mad. But eventually, I will give in. I think it comes from when I was a kid and my parents made me go to be early. I would lie there forever before I would finally fall asleep. Now, with that being said I can't seem to ever get up in morning. I like the idea of getting up early and seeing the day take shape, but I never do.

Anyways, in other news we are being played on three new radio stations. One is in Ontario, and the other two are in the great state of Texas. Damn, I love Texas!

Tomorrow we start shooting for our tour documentary so I guess I should get some sleep. Though I don't want to.



You say it's over
If I'll say
that we were just pretend
if that's the way it must end

Then I'll go
but you'll stay
alone now
we were so in love
even if the world won't end

it's just another memory
creeping in the back of my mind
killing me this time

you'll say that world is wrong
I'll say it'll never fall apart
even if you break my heart

nobody's crying
cause this time
there's just no use
this is how it had to end

it's just another memory
clinging to the back of my mind
settles around for days
dreaming of love it won't find
i loved you
but love is gone


Top Albums of 2008

Scroll down to the heading of Top Albums of 2008....see if you can find us. I will give you a hint. We are above Coldplay....

Top Albums


Thank You!

Check out a recent post from one of your fans.



Autographs...what a strange concept.

Originally uploaded by runaway dorothy

So this week we released the record. And these are my first and second ever autographs. It seems a bit odd to me that anyone would want my autograph. I mean I can see if they requested that I make them some Mac and Cheese cause I make the best ever, but just my name, that seems strange. Well, best get used it.


Cool Pod Show Play

We were recently featured on the 'Awful Snacks' pod show in a really cool way. They played six of ours songs and based it around a story. If you get a chance check it out. It's actually really cool to hear our songs used in this way. Also thank the guys there for playing us.

It's easiest to find it if you go to itunes in the podshow section. Look for 'Awful Snacks' and we are featured in epispode 56b.

Hope everyone is doing well,

ps Our record is officially out next tuesday. It will be available through our website(runawaydorothy.com) and in a couple weeks we will release it to all digital download sites.



This is Random...

So today I just remembered( and I don't know why) when I was in second grade I had this huge crush on this girl. Let's call her Jennifer 'cause that's her name. I wanted her to by my girlfriend, but I could not get the nerve to talk to her. I was driving myself crazy. So a friend of mine thought I should ask her for one of her school pictures. I mean surely if she give me one of her pictures that practically would mean that we were gonna marry. Anyways, instead of giving me one of her pictures she gave me one of the pictures the photographer used as a place card. Basically, it was a picture of her, but she was holding this big chalk board that let the photographer know from this point on in the roll its Mrs. Clark's class. It was a horrible picture. You could only see one of her eyes and the color was bad. So of course I went home and slapped that bad boy in 5x7 frame. So in return I had my friend take a bunch of polaroid pictures of me looking cool. Again I am in second grade, but I had these really cool sunglasses. In fact I wish I had them now. Sorry I am rambling. So I took the photos and slipped them into her book bag while we leaving to go home one day. For sure this would mean we were destined to be together. I mean I have a photo of half of her face, and she has pictures of me wearing my 'Risky Business' sunglasses. Well, not so much. My question is this. Has she ever thought about that ever? And are there stories like this that involve you and I that we never think about either? Makes you think. By the way I am currently listening to Hall and Oats. Not on purpose though.


Lunch At Curly's

Lunch At Curly's
Originally uploaded by runaway dorothy

That's supposed to be me in the upper left corner. Bed headed and holding a huge can of PBR. I drew this while waiting for my food at Curly's yesterday. I was too hung over to even eat it. Too hung over to have mac and cheese and fries? No that is not cool.


I know it's gonna be a good day when...

I get coffee AND orange juice at breakfast.
My new favorite coffee shop is playing oldies music.
The sun is shining.
I can walk every where I need to go.(boo to subways)
Am having lunch with a great friend.
I don't have to ever go to a day job.


New Podshow Play

Our track Hard Way Home just got picked up and played on another podshow. Stop by and take and listen if you will and thank them for playing us.

Endurance Base Camp

Thanks friends and have a great weekend.



'Takes a lot of Love' lyrics

Takes A Lot Of Love

i'm gone
and you've moved on
still a lot of loved left between us
was never shown

and I'm not far away
ain't never coming back
still see you from where I'm standing
on the other side of the tracks

takes a lot of love 
to leave you alone
takes a lot of love 
to leave you alone

faded pictures 
on our bedroom wall
show a live we onced lived
before I was called

now you'll share with another
your hopes and your dream
guess I'm just a memory
of a life you used to lead

takes a lot of love 
to leave you alone
takes a lot of love 
to leave you alone

i'm gone
and you've moved on
just barely out the door
now you're lying in someone's arms

and i'd be there
but the lord he called me home
guess i'm finally learning
what i should have known

it takes a lot of love 
to leave you alone
it takes a lot of love
to leave you alone


Twilight Series Theories

We were featured last night in a podcast. Our song 'Takes a lot of Love' opened and closed the show. If you have a moment give the show a listen and thank the ladies there for playing runaway dorothy. It's at the bottom of the page.

Twilight Series Theories

Have a great Friday


What it's all about.

Got this today from a new friend on myspace:

Thanks for reminding why I share music.

Hey. My name is ****. You guys are really good. Hearing you makes me wish I was living back in New York. I just went through the worst breakup and crap so it is no surprise that your songs bring tears to my eyes....


Rotation on PodShow

Check out episode 221 and listen for 'Hard Way Home' on the Dalecast Programme. It starts around minute 50. You can hear it at:


It's also available on itunes for a free download. And if you will send Steve an email and thank him for playing rd.

Also check out episode 32 of:

The Second Floor Lounge



Your Vote Counts Here

Ok. So we are having a hard time picking the first single for the album. We are starting a radio campaign and we want to come out of the gate strong. So we are putting the decision making process in your hands. If you were us what would you choose? Head over to:


and vote. Or you can just leave us a comment here. All who participate will recieve a free digital copy of the record. After you vote just email us and let us know you voted and as soon as the record is released you will have your free copy on it's way.

Voting ends May 9th at midnight.




Originally uploaded by runaway dorothy

A photo from our recent show in New York.
Photo by Elana Yakubov
ladyephotography. com

Design by Price at Airtype

Awesome Site

Found a site you should check out.


Kate's Joint

Don't know if you have ever been to Kate's on the LES, but it's a must. In fact I thought about working on some promo stuff today, but I think I want to go to Kate's with my friend Megs instead. Food vs. Work.....Food wins everytime.

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