PBR Lunch

PBR Lunch
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So why is is that everytime I go the the Wachovia on 10th and Broadway someone has left something. I have found atm cards more than once, but yesterday i found a woman's purse. And not a small one mind you. I am still baffled how she left it, Atm card inside. She had to have used to the atm, returned her card to it's slot in her wallet and then just leave the purse on the table where you can make out your deposit slip. Weird huh.

Well in less than two hours with my team of crack detectives we were able to return the wallet to her. I left a message at the ATM letting her know I had it. that didn't work. She was in college so we assumed she had a Facebook acct. She did. We left her a message there. Nothing. Then I found where she went to school. Looked in the student directory and found an email for her. Sent her one. NADA! Finally the trump card came from my new friend Julie. She googled the address on the girl's license. BINGO! It came up a business. They had a website with a phone number. We called. Her dad called us back. He had his daughter call us. She met us and got her wallet back. I tell you it is scary how we found enough info on this girl to track her down. I almost feel a little dirty, but I know we had to do it to get her her wallet back.

In other news, still no word from my friend in LA. Guess that means our friendship has ended uselessly. I have now gone from being upset to just pissed. Being polite has once again not gone unpunished. I sure hope my returning that girl's wallet doesn't upset her too.

The pic is from the beer I was drinking while waiting to return the wallet. It was good!

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