Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday To Me!
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So yesterday was my birthday. And I had an amazing day and I photographed the entire day, but today like a moron before I uploaded the photos I accidentally erased them. Oops!! But I can tell you what I did. Well, I started my day by getting up late. As you can see from the photo above I was out kinda late the night before. I had to ring in my Birthday right. I hate going to bed.

So I woke up for my birthday around 10:30 and went to a dance performance down near wall street with my brother. It was an outdoor performance and was really cool. I think they do that for all the working stiffs that can't get to traditional performances. I totally fell in love with one of the dancers. I admit it. I love dancers. Maybe she will read this and call me. Maybe.

After that we went back to Brooklyn to have lunch at Jimmys. Yes I know I am there all the time, but I love that place. John was working and I got an ice cream on a brownie dessert with a candle on top. I could not bare to tell him I was vegan. So when he wasn't looking I had my brother eat it. From what I hear, it was fantastic. Next we took the train down to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone. I think I am gonna make this a birthday tradition. This was the first time I actually rode it. I had a picture, but ...well...as I mentioned, I erased it. By the way, that ride is so janky.

From there we took the train back home to chill for a bit. Then I went to dinner at a Vegan Pan-Asian joint. Fantastic. I had heard some bad reviews of the joint and it had kept me away, but I was really good. After that I met up with a couple other friends, Gaia and Genifer, for some late night entertainment. NO! Not that kind of late night entertainment. We went to see a band play at Union Pool.

That about wraps it up for the day. I still could use some more presents though.

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