Interview with YouIsAwesome

Interview With You Is Awesome
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Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jerllin from YouIsAwesome. It's a site dedicated to asking all the right questions. You know, the ones that are always at the end of the interview that you actually think are interesting and not just the same rehashed crap. Head over to YouIsAwesome and read my interview with her, and while you are there you can click over to their sister site(ILoveYourClothes) that is dedicated to personal style and see some photos from the interview and some questions they had as well.

In other news, I think the rain and wind and cold is gonna keep me locked inside today. That might not be a bad thing. I have a load of things I need to take care of for our upcoming shows on the East Coast. Also, be sure to check out our latest press release to find out how you can obtain a copy of our record(The Arc) at whatever price you are willing to pay. It's only for a limited time so be sure to act soon. You can find that here:


Have a great Tuesday and stay dry.



Decoy Music Loves Runaway Dorothy

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We are currently being featured on Decoy Music's website as a 'Band That Needs To Be Heard'. I got the nicest email last week from Chris who is the editor there. Here is a little from the email he sent.

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Chris Conlan and I'm the Editor for the music webzine DecoyMusic (www.decoymusic.com). I recently stumbled across you guys and I don't know how to describe it, but than to say "so good". I wanted to email you and let you know I will be including you in my upcoming Music That Needs to Be Heard article.

I want you to know to keep up the good work. You guys have honestly made my day/week/month/year that much better. I've been searching for awhile now to find a band that is able to capture my ear and you did it. It's insane to think your the reason that sparked my desire to renew my article; I haven't written one in over 10 months.

What a great email. It made my day. So if you get a chance stop by Decoymusic.com and read the article about us. It has some of the most generous compliments we have ever received. And post a comment for Chris and the staff to keep up their good work for searching out music that is a little off the beaten path.

In other news I am co-writing an Album with my friend Gen Owen. It's gonna be something quite spectacular. Stay tuned for some sneak previews. Also went to some CMJ events this weekend. Not too impressed, but one band from Detroit I saw last night was tops.



This past Friday I did a call-in interview with the guys of The Awful Show in Denver. To listen to it head over to our Facebook page and check it out. And if you would sent Joel and Mike and the guys at The Awful Show a thank you for having me on. I had a blast. Those guys are a riot. Today my friend Lindsay Holler is in town doing a show at Arlene's. I am gonna try to sneak back in there to see her perform. I may have to wear a fake mustache or elvis sunglasses with sideburns though as I have been banned for life at Arlene's. No possibility of parole.

One more thing. Joel from The Awful Show used six of our songs in one of their programs a few months back. If you haven't checked it out I strongly encourage you to. It's great how he weaved in our songs with his story line. You can find that at Awful Snacks 56B.


Lyrics Contest

Lyrics Contest
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Hey all! Check this out. Our friends Kallie and Kassie over at TwilightSeriesTheories.com are putting on a Lyrics Contest and the winner receives a free copy of our CD 'The Arc'. If you aren't familiar with the Stephenie Myer book series you soon will be. There is a HUGE movie coming out in December. Kallie and Kassie run a weekly podcast that explores topics related to the book series, and we have been fortunate to be featured as musical guests on the show a couple times. In fact our song Abilene is on the show this week AND is featured on their homepage. So do yourself a favor and head over to their page and check out their podcast and get yourself caught up before the movie is released. Drop them an email and thank them for playing us. Oh, and get outside and enjoy some sunshine!


October 8

Wasn't it just yesterday that it was 90+ degrees here in NYC. And now I am looking for a new jacket on Ebay for the upcoming cold? Is anyone else addicted to Ebay as much as I am? Are there therapy sessions you can go to that I don't know about?

I love fall in New York City. I think I will probably plan every future tour that we do so that I can be in the city during this time. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler and people are starting to pull out those scarves they have had hidden away for the summer. It is so much easier to be fashionable this time of year. In winter everyone is so layered you have no idea what they are wearing and summer is quite the opposite. It's so hot you literally want to wear nothing. Thank goodness we have laws here against that! For some people that is.

Yesterday I went to lunch with my friend and marketing guru for runaway dorothy Jerllin. We ate at this cool little spot down near NYU that was really good, DOJO. I had never eaten there in all my years of living here. I highly recommend especially for their vegetarian choices and cheap prices. We discussed some cool little things we have planned for RD over the next few months. Namely we are allowing our CD to be purchased through digital download at a 'set your own' price. I like how radiohead did this with their album 'In Rainbows' and want to model ours in the same way. This should get under way quite soon and will run until we end our tour here in New York City on Dec 6.

We also talked about the two videos we have under way. We are shooting videos for our songs Abilene, and Takes a Lot of Love. These are top secret projects so I can't go into much, but you won't be disappointed I promise you that.

Finally, did anyone watch the debates last night? Was it just me or was anyone able to watch more than thirty minutes of it? I went out to an Irish bar down the in the east village called Lunasa to visit my friend Dominico who was bartending and I knew he would have the debates on. I thought it my civic duty to be interested in the state of our nation and watch them, but honestly after about 20 or so minutes of question dodging and run-around answers I could stomach no more. Was anyone else completely annoyed? When are we gonna get a strong Indie Canditate? I mean we have Indie rockers with no budgets that are every bit as good as major label bands. Doesn't it stand to reason we could have an Indie President? Just a thought....