This past Friday I did a call-in interview with the guys of The Awful Show in Denver. To listen to it head over to our Facebook page and check it out. And if you would sent Joel and Mike and the guys at The Awful Show a thank you for having me on. I had a blast. Those guys are a riot. Today my friend Lindsay Holler is in town doing a show at Arlene's. I am gonna try to sneak back in there to see her perform. I may have to wear a fake mustache or elvis sunglasses with sideburns though as I have been banned for life at Arlene's. No possibility of parole.

One more thing. Joel from The Awful Show used six of our songs in one of their programs a few months back. If you haven't checked it out I strongly encourage you to. It's great how he weaved in our songs with his story line. You can find that at Awful Snacks 56B.

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