On the road...well not anymore.

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Well, it has been about a week since we came back from our run of shows down South. I have been meaning to do an entry for some time now, but in case you hadn't heard I have been sick sick sick. I am hacking up a lung as I am writing this. I am feeling better, but I am convinced that my meds are making me crazy. Actually, it's probably because I have been watching too much Columbo. I have seen the first three seasons in just the past week.

Let me say a few words about the shows. They were awesome. We played well and meet up with some old as well as new friends. We had to cancel our final show in Pittsfield, Mass. because I was sick. I hated to do it, but I knew if I went one I would suck. People don't want to pay hard earned money to see me cough after every other word. Sorry Pittsfield, we will be back. That is if you will have us. Enough about the shows.

Ok so I forgot why I started writing this blog. Maybe my meds are making me loose my mind after all. Uh....I guess that is it.

Oh in serious news my friend Gen just had surgery and if you don't mind sending up a little prayer for her and her test results I would be ever so grateful. Is that how you spell grateful? Who knows....

Much love,