A Merry Christmas for my sponsor child.

Ok kids so it's the holiday time of year again and I want to do something really special for my sponsor child I have in Columbia. I sponsor her through Children International. Her name is Kelly Sanz and she is a super cute 8 year old. Each month I send her and her family some money(It's not that much, but I am grateful that I can help in any way I can).

I want to make this a very happy holiday season for her and her family. I want to raise as much money as possible to give to her family to make the holidays that much brighter. They don't have a lot and get by on about $124 a month. Wanna help? Of course you do. Go here:


Make any size donation to paypal@runawaydorothy.com and I will send you(for free of course) a digital copy of our debut record 'The Arc'. You will be be helping a great cause and getting some free music in return. Please be sure to state what the money is for.


I will not be keeping anything. I want this to be the best Christmas ever for Kelly and her family and with your help it will be.




Help RD make a new record and video

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Want to get a personalized cd from runaway dorothy and help out a good cause at the same time? Of course you do. Who wouldn't? We are offering, for a short time, a signed copy of our debut cd 'The Arc', a runaway dorothy T-Shirt, and a sticker and button pack when you make a 30 dollar donation to help with the costs of the new cd and upcoming videos. But you may say 'But Dave, it's the holiday season and I am short on cash. Can I still help out?' Of course you can. You can make any size contribution that you would like. Be it one dollar or one million dollars(Price has agree to marry the first million dollar contributor). Any contribution will receive a free digital download of the record.

Here's what you do. Go to paypal.com:

and send an online payment to:


Be sure to include your T-Shirt size(xs-xl) and whether you would like it signed as well.

Thank you for helping us to continue bring you new music. Your help is so greatly appreciated.

-runaway dorothy

*Offer expires 12/31/09


Post Acid Youth

New Review
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Just had a great review of our record put up on this amazing blog Post Acid Youth. Here is a small sample:

David Parnell, the creative force behind Runaway Dorothy, spent his youth harbouring lofty dreams of basketball stardom. That Carolina kid is now a band man in New York City, in possession of one album with plans for a follow-up. I was going to jump on a plane to meet him personally, but then I remembered I wasn’t being bankrolled and that I tend to get homesick within 3 hours of leaving my house. Thankfully, that great, invisible information stream in the sky bailed me out, so here it is. Post Acid Youth’s first Feature: Runaway Dorothy.

Parnell’s musical education began in the backseat of his parent’s Thunderbird (a rock ‘n’ roll car, if ever there was one.) Through the radio, the fingers of folk clawed while the quarrels of country brawled in Parnell’s psyche, percolating within him with the experience which vaunted songs and legendary stories bring.

Go to Post Acid Youth to read the rest. Say hey and tell them thanks.

The shot about is from my outing at the Mets game last week. I almost got hit by two foul balls. I guess that is what I get for not seating in the nose-bleeds.



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Shot of our acoustic set we played at Monkey Town in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The show was very much like a storytellers evening. Our friend Jon Diaz is the cool one with the the had. He sat in with us on a couple tunes.


New Song Lyrics


I was lost
In the worst of places
tired of chases
that lead me no where

You come along
like a long lost angel
but you were unable
to love me like i needed you

it's over
honey its over
over now

So take what you need
and leave me no worries
I'm in no hurry
I waited so long for you

But you say goodbyes
like you really mean them
you've been mistreated
but i wasn't enough to carry you

it's over
honey it's over
over now

it's over
why must it be over
over now



So I had a thought about love today. I know this is really random, but as I was falling asleep last night I realized that I was approaching love in the wrong way. Here is my thought:

Love is like a small bird. We spend our time trying to capture it. It's fast. It moves. It won't stay still and we can't seem to catch it in our hands. Here lies a problem. If we are trying to catch it then we spend too much time with our hands closing and closed. We can't catch the love bird with our hands closed. In fact the way I see it the only way is to open your hands and allow it to land. This gives you twice as many places for it to go. A closing hand is only one place. Two open hands are two. Even I can understand that math. So what does this all mean? I don't know, but I think the general idea is that you have to be open and willing to let it come and go as it wants. Then and only then will it actually stay.

Maybe I am just crazy. Or maybe I haven't slept enough lately. Or maybe I am on to something.


Radio and Podcast

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I recently did an interview with Dave Grant from the Appetizer in Abilene Texas. You can listen this weekend for our song Abilene and Takes A Lot of Love to be played on his radio show. I will also be doing a call in interview with him on the show as well. I will tell him some secrets about my writing process and why I chose to write a song about a town in West Texas I have never been to. You can check out the show here:

www. kacu. org

And be sure to check out the podcast of the story of the song Abilene here:

www. appetizerradio. com

If you looking under the songwriters cook book you will me.

Also if you get a moment drop him a line to thank him for having me. He is such a great guy and I would like more people to know about him and his show.

Happy Weekend,


Ryan Adams, quit your bitchin'!

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Dear Ryan,

So I learned to day that you have decided to call it quits from the music business. I have to admit I had the immediate reaction of just bidding you farewell. I mean poor you. You are successful, you have your own place in New York City, and people love your music. But I read your post. And then I was a bit sympathetic. I mean I understand the loneliness and seeking approval of others. I get that. Hell, I live in that land. Write a song and hope to hell that someone gets it and that will mean you are accepted. And on top of that the whole health thing. Ok. But let me tell you something. Take this advice from me. If you are anything like me the whole seeking approval of others isn't gonna stop the minute you are out of the spotlight. It might be refreshing for a moment to not be seeking it through your writing or performing, but it won't leave you. And the public forgets quickly.

So what next? You gonna go all JD Salinger? Gonna hide away in your Manhattan? To each his own. But let me tell you what is really hard. Your life ain't hard. Hell my life ain't that hard. In case you didn't notice there are people out there with real troubles. I mean there is a recession going on. Some people are losing their jobs and you have just decided that because it's hard and people don't love you enough you are gonna quit. Or is this just another stunt? Who knows with you. Anyway, if you want to quit. Do. But don't coming crawling back in 6 months with a new solo record. Cause some of us will still be here trying to make it the first time around.