A Merry Christmas for my sponsor child.

Ok kids so it's the holiday time of year again and I want to do something really special for my sponsor child I have in Columbia. I sponsor her through Children International. Her name is Kelly Sanz and she is a super cute 8 year old. Each month I send her and her family some money(It's not that much, but I am grateful that I can help in any way I can).

I want to make this a very happy holiday season for her and her family. I want to raise as much money as possible to give to her family to make the holidays that much brighter. They don't have a lot and get by on about $124 a month. Wanna help? Of course you do. Go here:


Make any size donation to paypal@runawaydorothy.com and I will send you(for free of course) a digital copy of our debut record 'The Arc'. You will be be helping a great cause and getting some free music in return. Please be sure to state what the money is for.


I will not be keeping anything. I want this to be the best Christmas ever for Kelly and her family and with your help it will be.



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Rebecca Campos said...

well, hi.

dave, isn't it?

ok.. you follow me on twitter and I follow you too... (what a silly statement) anyway.. I didn't know who the person behind the runaway dorothy was and I decided to google it.. what brought me to this blog. =)

I really liked the song I heard when the blog page opened - Caulfield -.

I'm rebecca and I'm brazilian..
hope to hear from you too. =)

And.. congrats on the Christmas donation you're promoting. That's a very nice initiative.

See ya.