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Scroll down to the heading of Top Albums of 2008....see if you can find us. I will give you a hint. We are above Coldplay....

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Autographs...what a strange concept.

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So this week we released the record. And these are my first and second ever autographs. It seems a bit odd to me that anyone would want my autograph. I mean I can see if they requested that I make them some Mac and Cheese cause I make the best ever, but just my name, that seems strange. Well, best get used it.


Cool Pod Show Play

We were recently featured on the 'Awful Snacks' pod show in a really cool way. They played six of ours songs and based it around a story. If you get a chance check it out. It's actually really cool to hear our songs used in this way. Also thank the guys there for playing us.

It's easiest to find it if you go to itunes in the podshow section. Look for 'Awful Snacks' and we are featured in epispode 56b.

Hope everyone is doing well,

ps Our record is officially out next tuesday. It will be available through our website(runawaydorothy.com) and in a couple weeks we will release it to all digital download sites.