'Takes a lot of Love' lyrics

Takes A Lot Of Love

i'm gone
and you've moved on
still a lot of loved left between us
was never shown

and I'm not far away
ain't never coming back
still see you from where I'm standing
on the other side of the tracks

takes a lot of love 
to leave you alone
takes a lot of love 
to leave you alone

faded pictures 
on our bedroom wall
show a live we onced lived
before I was called

now you'll share with another
your hopes and your dream
guess I'm just a memory
of a life you used to lead

takes a lot of love 
to leave you alone
takes a lot of love 
to leave you alone

i'm gone
and you've moved on
just barely out the door
now you're lying in someone's arms

and i'd be there
but the lord he called me home
guess i'm finally learning
what i should have known

it takes a lot of love 
to leave you alone
it takes a lot of love
to leave you alone


Twilight Series Theories

We were featured last night in a podcast. Our song 'Takes a lot of Love' opened and closed the show. If you have a moment give the show a listen and thank the ladies there for playing runaway dorothy. It's at the bottom of the page.

Twilight Series Theories

Have a great Friday


What it's all about.

Got this today from a new friend on myspace:

Thanks for reminding why I share music.

Hey. My name is ****. You guys are really good. Hearing you makes me wish I was living back in New York. I just went through the worst breakup and crap so it is no surprise that your songs bring tears to my eyes....


Rotation on PodShow

Check out episode 221 and listen for 'Hard Way Home' on the Dalecast Programme. It starts around minute 50. You can hear it at:


It's also available on itunes for a free download. And if you will send Steve an email and thank him for playing rd.

Also check out episode 32 of:

The Second Floor Lounge



Your Vote Counts Here

Ok. So we are having a hard time picking the first single for the album. We are starting a radio campaign and we want to come out of the gate strong. So we are putting the decision making process in your hands. If you were us what would you choose? Head over to:


and vote. Or you can just leave us a comment here. All who participate will recieve a free digital copy of the record. After you vote just email us and let us know you voted and as soon as the record is released you will have your free copy on it's way.

Voting ends May 9th at midnight.




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A photo from our recent show in New York.
Photo by Elana Yakubov
ladyephotography. com

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Awesome Site

Found a site you should check out.


Kate's Joint

Don't know if you have ever been to Kate's on the LES, but it's a must. In fact I thought about working on some promo stuff today, but I think I want to go to Kate's with my friend Megs instead. Food vs. Work.....Food wins everytime.

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