Your Vote Counts Here

Ok. So we are having a hard time picking the first single for the album. We are starting a radio campaign and we want to come out of the gate strong. So we are putting the decision making process in your hands. If you were us what would you choose? Head over to:


and vote. Or you can just leave us a comment here. All who participate will recieve a free digital copy of the record. After you vote just email us and let us know you voted and as soon as the record is released you will have your free copy on it's way.

Voting ends May 9th at midnight.


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Cody said...

Honestly it is REALLY hard for me to choose. I haven't heard Hard Way Home thought because it isn't up on your myspace. But the ones I am debating between are Abilene and Caulfield... I would say Abilene. But they are all so good.