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Just had a great review of our record put up on this amazing blog Post Acid Youth. Here is a small sample:

David Parnell, the creative force behind Runaway Dorothy, spent his youth harbouring lofty dreams of basketball stardom. That Carolina kid is now a band man in New York City, in possession of one album with plans for a follow-up. I was going to jump on a plane to meet him personally, but then I remembered I wasn’t being bankrolled and that I tend to get homesick within 3 hours of leaving my house. Thankfully, that great, invisible information stream in the sky bailed me out, so here it is. Post Acid Youth’s first Feature: Runaway Dorothy.

Parnell’s musical education began in the backseat of his parent’s Thunderbird (a rock ‘n’ roll car, if ever there was one.) Through the radio, the fingers of folk clawed while the quarrels of country brawled in Parnell’s psyche, percolating within him with the experience which vaunted songs and legendary stories bring.

Go to Post Acid Youth to read the rest. Say hey and tell them thanks.

The shot about is from my outing at the Mets game last week. I almost got hit by two foul balls. I guess that is what I get for not seating in the nose-bleeds.

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