Ryan Adams, quit your bitchin'!

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Dear Ryan,

So I learned to day that you have decided to call it quits from the music business. I have to admit I had the immediate reaction of just bidding you farewell. I mean poor you. You are successful, you have your own place in New York City, and people love your music. But I read your post. And then I was a bit sympathetic. I mean I understand the loneliness and seeking approval of others. I get that. Hell, I live in that land. Write a song and hope to hell that someone gets it and that will mean you are accepted. And on top of that the whole health thing. Ok. But let me tell you something. Take this advice from me. If you are anything like me the whole seeking approval of others isn't gonna stop the minute you are out of the spotlight. It might be refreshing for a moment to not be seeking it through your writing or performing, but it won't leave you. And the public forgets quickly.

So what next? You gonna go all JD Salinger? Gonna hide away in your Manhattan? To each his own. But let me tell you what is really hard. Your life ain't hard. Hell my life ain't that hard. In case you didn't notice there are people out there with real troubles. I mean there is a recession going on. Some people are losing their jobs and you have just decided that because it's hard and people don't love you enough you are gonna quit. Or is this just another stunt? Who knows with you. Anyway, if you want to quit. Do. But don't coming crawling back in 6 months with a new solo record. Cause some of us will still be here trying to make it the first time around.


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Jessica said...

Amen! Although I whole-heartedly agree with you, im still going to his "last" show in Atlanta!