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Lunch at Kate
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...Is the first day of August. I was hoping it was would be off to a better start. Well, to be perfectly honest today started fairly well. I spent most of the day out pretending to be a tourist. That meant going uptown. Shhhh....Don't tell the hipsters I went about 14th street. I might loose my street cred. I spent a lot of time today looking for Summerfest. That is a concert/art series that runs here in New York in the summer. I have never been and today they had a brazilian dance thing going. Sounded like a load of good times to me. I finally found it after walking about 20 blocks out of my way. The line was WAY long and I decided to go the the MOMA instead. And it took me forever to get there. I always forget how many tourist are on 5th ave. It's like trying to part the red sea of mid-westerners(my apologies to my friends and family in the the mid west). To top it off, I always forget what street its on.

After MOMA I thought I would search out a Strarbucks. Actually, I started the search long before MOMA and I could not for the life of me find one. I mean downtown I can stand on one corner and throw a rock and hit three. But eventually I found one. Grande Ice Coffee please!

Next I decided to venture back and see about the dance thingy(hold on gotta turn the record over). Somehow I found my way back. It was nothing short of a miracle and the line was so long there had to be more people in line than in the show. No thanks! Downtown I went. I hopped a bus down to the village. For most of the ride it was just me and the driver. It was like i had a really big ugly limo.

After a few drinks out at a couple dt spots I came on home. Now to the bad news of the day. Turns out I have really upset a friend of mine I just met from LA. I don't care to go into details, but it was over a huge misunderstanding and now I don't think she wants to be friends any longer which really sucks cause she is super cool. Now I am just back at my place playing my new record i bought tonight. It's a real heartbreaker so it fits the evening. I hope things work out for us. I hate losing friends especially like this.

I almost don't want to mention, but in other news were we played on another radio show. You can check it out here if you like:

Episode 154

Gotta tell you. One of the reasons I love making music so much is that I get to meet cool people. And this is how I met my friend in LA. Though it seems like today I am having the opposite affect on people. I sure hope tomorrow is not the same as today...

btw The picture is from lunch at Kate's with my friend Jerllin. I am having Fries and the Unturkey Club. She had the same.

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