Lazin' on a Friday Afternoon

So I have been spending the past few months waiting for all the rd things to get worked out(ie tour schedule, music licensing, label crap, and our documentary). I wish I had more answers right now about each of these, but I currently don't. So what have I been spending my time this past month doing. Well funny you should ask. I have actually been working with some other bands here in New York. There is a pretty big studio and rehearsal space in Mid-Town Manhattan and I have been working with a few bands to help them with their songwriting and working out parts for the band to play. Yes I am the new Butch Walker and Rick Rubin. I have to admit it has been fun writing in some new genres and working with styles of music I just don't delve into. I will let you know more about these bands as they get closer to recording and tracking some of these songs. 

This weekend I plan on staying in. I think the weather is gonna be bad. I am thinking I will track some video stuff to put up on youtube. I want to record a couple acoustic versions of 'Takes a lot of love' and 'Abilene'. Also, I have a new song to debut too.

And I think there is cause for going to Jimmy's tomorrow.

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