You say it's over
If I'll say
that we were just pretend
if that's the way it must end

Then I'll go
but you'll stay
alone now
we were so in love
even if the world won't end

it's just another memory
creeping in the back of my mind
killing me this time

you'll say that world is wrong
I'll say it'll never fall apart
even if you break my heart

nobody's crying
cause this time
there's just no use
this is how it had to end

it's just another memory
clinging to the back of my mind
settles around for days
dreaming of love it won't find
i loved you
but love is gone

1 comment:

clandestineXlvr said...

this is amazing...a lot different then what i usually listen to, but i guess in this case, the change was for the better. i 'm still trying to grasp the concept of broadening my horizons and not only listening to what i feel comfortable with. just putting it out there...