This is Random...

So today I just remembered( and I don't know why) when I was in second grade I had this huge crush on this girl. Let's call her Jennifer 'cause that's her name. I wanted her to by my girlfriend, but I could not get the nerve to talk to her. I was driving myself crazy. So a friend of mine thought I should ask her for one of her school pictures. I mean surely if she give me one of her pictures that practically would mean that we were gonna marry. Anyways, instead of giving me one of her pictures she gave me one of the pictures the photographer used as a place card. Basically, it was a picture of her, but she was holding this big chalk board that let the photographer know from this point on in the roll its Mrs. Clark's class. It was a horrible picture. You could only see one of her eyes and the color was bad. So of course I went home and slapped that bad boy in 5x7 frame. So in return I had my friend take a bunch of polaroid pictures of me looking cool. Again I am in second grade, but I had these really cool sunglasses. In fact I wish I had them now. Sorry I am rambling. So I took the photos and slipped them into her book bag while we leaving to go home one day. For sure this would mean we were destined to be together. I mean I have a photo of half of her face, and she has pictures of me wearing my 'Risky Business' sunglasses. Well, not so much. My question is this. Has she ever thought about that ever? And are there stories like this that involve you and I that we never think about either? Makes you think. By the way I am currently listening to Hall and Oats. Not on purpose though.

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