Sunday Sunday Sunday

Damn Sundays are rough. Why is it that the most holiest day of the week(i realize that was bad grammar, I just don't care) is always the most difficult and depressing? Or is it just me? Today I did not want to even think about music or record labels or finances or friends or loves or eating or haircuts or insurance or eye glasses or presidential races. In fact I did not want to think or rather should I say worry about anything. Oh, I forgot to add moving to my list off things to avoid thinking about on a Sunday. Well, that didn't work out so well. I thought about all these things today. It was like they waited beside my bed(I wish I had a bed) and all jumped on me the minute I woke up. Now, let me stop here and say that I have been in a rather upbeat mood these past few weeks. Wait. I think I will put some tea on. Maybe that will make me feel better. Ok it's on. Just remind me to go check on it in a minute or two. I always seem to forget and all the water just boils away. I am listening to Cat Power right now. I cannot listen to her without thinking about my friend Katharine. I say friend because we have recently started communicating again. We are bad communicators. At least with each other. By the way I am amazing myself with my typing skill right now. Who knew I could type this fast? Not me. 

I am gonna put a new paragraph here so incase you are still reading it doesn't look like one big rant. It's one big rant in multiple parts. So I feel winter coming. I know, I know it was just summer and today is just the first day of fall. How can I be thinking of winter? I can. It seems I am always thinking of winter. And truth be told I am not sure I can survive another winter where I am. Physically, and emotionally. I think I am letting you in too much. I am not usually like this. But today I really don't care. If you don't like me or my music or my band because you think I am a little off, that's ok. The truth is, I am a little off. Where was I? Who knows. Oh yeah...gotta check on the water. It was boiling. Tea is making. Lost my train of thought again. Maybe I should just talk about the tea. Nah. But I will say that I am drinking it out of my Starbucks from Beijing mug that my friend Emily gave me. Thanks Emily if you are reading.

I think this calls for a new paragraph. It's not that late right now, but I am thinking about turning in. That would be unheard of for me. I never sleep. Ok so that is a lie, but I don't go to be early. I hate it. I think we have addressed this earlier so I will not go into it here. I think it's time for a summary. Ok I have had it with today. I am off to bed(I wish I had a bed). Hope your Sunday was full of sun. 

Good night.

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clandestineXlvr said...

yes, i am reading, and your welcome! glad that mug went to some good use! yeah, i feel like that some sundays also...i'm more of a friday afternoon type of person, myself... also, i can't tell if you're getting the emails that i'm sending, but i guess i'll just send it again? check your junk mail folder...haha!